Our concept for intimate health

Redness, irritation, itching or burning – almost every woman has had to deal with such complaints in the genital area. Often, the right solution is then searched for on the internet for the first time: “Intimate area itching household remedies” or “burning vagina fungus” are at the top of the search engine hit list. They click through the search results, decide which remedy sounds quite plausible and hope for an early improvement.

Because let’s face it: Who wants to talk about problems like vaginal mycosis, bacterial vaginosis and vaginal dryness? Our answer: We do! We want to provide intensive information about the causes of such diseases and their symptoms. We want to talk about diagnosis, treatment options and preventive measures and about how the female genital area works. We want you to enjoy being a woman.

First of all, we always advise you to discuss acute problems in the genital area with a gynaecologist, especially if they are occurring for the first time. However, it is often helpful to be able to assess symptoms yourself or to take appropriate preventative measures to avoid symptoms in the first place.

The first step is to look at what the intimate area does and how it works. Don’t worry, you don’t have to study textbooks for this. We have summarised briefly and concisely everything that is important.

With the help of our accumulated knowledge, we have built up our concept of intimate health, which is relatively simple to explain.

We divide our ELANEE problem solutions into three areas:





Often you have to wait a long time for a doctor’s appointment or cannot find the time for it. Our products in the field of diagnosis are simple tests for home use, which allow you to diagnose the causes of many symptoms yourself.

Our Vaginal pH Self Test measures the most important value of the female intimate area. Especially if you are prone to symptoms such as burning or itching, the pH value should be checked regularly and, if necessary, reduced to a normal level before an infection (e.g. bacterial vaginosis) occurs.

Vaginosis is one of the main causes of miscarriage and premature birth during pregnancy.

Symptoms such as abdominal pain and burning sensation when urinating can in turn indicate cystitis. Our urine control test5 measures five important parameters in urine and helps to detect urinary tract infections, kidney diseases and diabetes.


The treatment of bacterial vaginosis, fungal diseases or cystitis should always be carried out by a doctor. Antibiotics or anti-fungal drugs (antimycotics) are often used to reduce not only the “bad” pathogens but also the “good” lactic acid bacteria.

Our lactic acid treatment helps to restore the natural pH value of 3.8 to 4.4 and effectively acidifies the vaginal environment with lactic acid bacteria.

In case of vaginal dryness or for perineal massage before birth, our intimate hydrogel can be used. Thanks to caring panthenol, the elasticity of the mucous membrane is increased.


The vaginal environment can be very acidic – especially in pregnant women – and can reach a pH value of 3.8. Our 3.8 pH intimate washing foam helps to maintain this natural pH value.

To protect the outer intimate area from external irritations such as perfumed inserts or chlorinated swimming pool water, we have developed our intimate skin care cream with a special care formula. It provides dry and irritated skin with moisture and forms a protective film.