Menstrual Cup

Hygienic and easy removal thanks to discreet pull tab

Short & compact

  • Safe and discreet protection during menstruation for up to 8 hours as a reusable alternative to tampons and pads
  • Menstrual cup with cotton storage bag
  • Hygienic and easy removal thanks to discreet pull tab
  • Cup: 100% medically approved TPE; storage bag: cotton
  • Size 1 : 23 ml, pink; Size 2: 33 ml, dark pink

Product information

Our ELANEE menstrual cup offers up to 8 hours of discreet protection during menstruation and is a reusable alternative to tampons and pads. The flexible cup is made of 100% medically approved TPE and fits snugly against the vaginal wall, providing reliable protection against menstrual fluid leakage. There are two ml markings on the inside of the cup to indicate the filling quantity.

The special feature of our menstrual cup: it can be removed hygienically and easily using the unique, discreet pull tab or alternatively like conventional period cups. The cup can be stored in the enclosed cotton storage bag.


The ELANEE menstrual cup is suitable for women from the first to the last period and is available in two sizes:

Size 1: light to normal period, soft material

Diameter: 40 mm
Length without pull tab: 57.9 mm
Length with pull tab (2 hearts): approx. 65 mm
Capacity: 23 ml

Size 2: heavy period, harder material for a strong pelvic floor, after vaginal delivery

Diameter: 45 mm
Length without pull tab: 64.3 mm
Length with pull tab (2 hearts): approx. 75 mm
Capacity: 33 ml

Areas of application

During your period, you want reliable, discreet protection that is comfortable to wear so that you don’t have to do without anything in everyday life.

Our menstrual cup is suitable as safe period protection:

  • for everyday use, even while sleeping
  • for going to the sauna or swimming
  • for sport

It can be used from the first menstruation onwards.

It is important to us that you enjoy using your product for as long as possible. We would therefore like to give you some information and tips on how to use our menstrual cup to protect the material.

Inspect carefully
After purchase, you will naturally want to inspect the product in detail. Please do not pull on the pull tab with full force, as this pulling force is not comparable to pulling the cup out of the vagina when the vaginal muscles are relaxed.

Relax when removing
Relax your pelvic floor when removing the cup so that it slides gently out of the vagina.
The cup is made of a very resistant material. However, if you feel a lot of resistance when pulling the cup out or have difficulty “letting go”, it is better to use the grip surface to remove the cup so that the pull tab remains intact!

Classic or innovative?
With our menstrual cup, you have the choice: it can be removed using the pull tab or, like other menstrual cups, using the grip surface. Or why not use both options?

The right cleaning
Hygiene is the be-all and end-all. Please follow the instructions in the user manual when cleaning. Boiling for too long or cleaning with the wrong agents can damage the material in the long term.


The menstrual cup is inserted vaginally to collect menstrual secretions. The cup is folded during insertion, unfolds in the vagina and fits snugly against the vaginal wall thanks to the flexible material, preventing menstrual blood from flowing past it. A special mechanism makes it easier to remove the cup. This involves pulling on the heart-shaped handle at the end of the pull tab, which is connected to the rim area. The upper rim of the cup is released from the vaginal wall by the pulling force, allowing the cup to be easily pulled out of the vagina. Alternatively, our menstrual cup can also be removed like conventional period cups.

Material & Cleaning


100% medically approved TPE
The ELANEE menstrual cup is cruelty-free and free from animal ingredients.

Cleaning instructions:

Before first use and after each period:

Boil the ELANEE menstrual cup in a pot for 3 minutes in a water bath.

During your period:

After emptying the menstrual cup, clean it thoroughly with a mild soap and rinse it under running water. If you do not have the opportunity to rinse the cup (e.g. in a public toilet), you can alternatively wipe it out with toilet paper or a tissue and clean it thoroughly at the next opportunity.

The menstrual cup can be disposed of in normal household waste. Please separate the individual components of the packaging and dispose of them in the appropriate recycling system. Please observe the regional disposal guidelines.



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