Pelvic floor exercise aids Phase I active

Promotes awareness, development and active control of weakened pelvic floor muscles


  • Promotes the perception, development and active control of weakened pelvic floor muscles
  • Set of 4 tampon-shaped cones with different weights
  • Active training according to the biofeedback principle
  • Medical device manufactured in Germany
  • Prescribable by the doctor on prescription, aid number:


Weakened or overstretched pelvic floor muscles are often the cause of bladder weakness. Due to the heavy strain during pregnancy and childbirth, but also due to the hormonal changes during menopause, the tension of the pelvic floor muscles decreases, which means that they can no longer fulfill their function. A targeted training with the ELANEE pelvic floor training aids phase I can actively counteract this in a natural way. The set consists of 4 cones with different weights, which facilitate active training and help to gradually build up the pelvic floor muscles. For training, one cone is inserted vaginally and worn twice a day for up to 10 minutes.


  • 4 tampon-shaped cones with different weights. yellow(20g), blue(28g), green(52g), violet (71g)
  • 1 exercise booklet
  • 1 instruction manual

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 11561931


The training is suitable for women

  • during pregnancy and after giving birth to prevent pelvic floor
    weakness and to support regeneration and/or
  • to prevent, reduce or correct bladder weakness due to stress
    incontinence, in particular during pre-menopause or the menopause.

The ELANEE Phase I active pelvic floor training aids are not
suitable for any purposes other than the listed intended ones.

Areas of Application:

  • During an unproblematic pregnancy the training with
    ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids Phase I active can strengthen
    the pelvic floor and prevent potential subsequent problems.
  • After giving birth you can resume the training as soon
    as the cervix is closed (after about 6 week postpartum
    period). If in doubt, ask your doctor or midwife.
  • Training with ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids Phase I active can bring about the desired success in cases of ineffective non-invasive pelvic floor training caused by not being able to feel the pelvic floor muscles.
  • The ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids Phase I active
    are also suitable for the treatment of weaknesses of the
    pelvic floor resulting from a weak bladder (load/stress
    incontinence). However, bladder problems have various causes. Other causes of the existing urinary incontinence
    should be ruled out by your doctor and/or midwife in advance.


The pelvic floor is a flat, elastic muscle plate which is approximately
palm-sized located between the pubic bone, coccyx and
the buttock. It supports the internal organs in the abdominal
cavity. The urethra, vagina and anus pass through the pelvic.
Pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal changes/deficiency during
the climacteric period or menopause, heavy physical exertion
or being overweight can lead to over-stretching or weakening of
the pelvic floor. The consequences can be urinary incontinence
(load/ stress incontinence) or an incorrect position of the organs
in the abdomen. However, the pelvic floor can be strengthened
through exercise, just like any other muscle. A strong
pelvic floor can also have a positive impact on sexual pleasure.

The ELANEE Phase I active pelvic floor training aids consist of
a set of four different weights, which enable active pelvic floor
training in accordance with the biofeedback principle.
Underlying the biofeedback principle is the fact that the cones
will slide out of the vagina due to their own weight. The muscles
of the pelvic floor react actively to this, by spontaneously
and automatically contracting even tighter, in order to hold the
weight. These repeated active contractions ensure muscle
development – just like when muscle training with barbells.
Four different weights in the kit enable you to increase active
exercise intensity. The training weight is increased if the muscles
can hold a cone with ease. In this way a huge increase can
be achieved from the lightest to the heaviest weight. An active training with pelvic floor training aids makes sense for women
of all ages. It is used during pregnancy and after birth to prevent
weaknesses of the pelvic floor and facilitate regeneration. In
addition, it is ideal for reducing, eliminating and preventing urinary
incontinence (due to load/stress incontinence) in women,
particularly during the climacteric period and menopause.



The ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids Phase I active consist of:

  • an aluminium or steel core coated with polypropylene
  • a polyamide yarn coated with polyurethane



Clean the training aids after each use with warm water and soap or disinfect the cone with a commercially available skin disinfectant.
Before being used again, any possible soap residue or disinfectants
should be thoroughly rinsed off the training aids with water.
The ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids Phase I active can be
disposed of as standard domestic waste.
Please separate the individual components of the packaging into groups of identical materials and dispose of them in the appropriate recycling system. When doing this please note the local and regional waste disposal regulations.