Ultra thin nursing pads

Discreet protection for heavy milk flow

Short & Compact

  • For protecting clothing during light to heavy milk flow
  • Thin nursing pad (< 1.4 mm) with ultra-absorbent core that traps up to 100 ml of fluid
  • Secure hold in the bra thanks to 2 fixation strips
  • Soft inside made of natural fiber for a pleasant feeling on sensitive skin
  • 24 pieces, hygienically packed individually – ideal for on the go

Product information

ELANEE Ultra Thin Nursing Pads protect clothing from breast milk during breastfeeding. They are made of a soft, breathable fleece that is especially comfortable on the skin or sensitive nipples. Inside is an absorbent cellulose core with moisture-absorbing beads that quickly and reliably absorbs and traps up to 100 ml of breast milk. This keeps clothes dry and free of breast milk stains.

The shape of the disposable nursing pads fits perfectly to the breast and bra and remains stable even when the nursing pad is fully soaked. Thanks to the thin material (less than 1.4 mm), the nursing pad is particularly discreet and there are no marks under clothing. The two fixing strips on the outside ensure a secure hold in the bra without slipping.

Contents: 24 nursing pads (individually packed)

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 12433750

Areas of application

The ultra-thin nursing pads are suitable:

  • To protect clothing during light to heavy milk flow
  • For on the go, during the night or during sports activity.

Tip: In case of severely inflamed nipples, our breast rings can be used as a between clothing and nipple in combination with our ultra-thin
our ultra-thin nursing pads.

Further information & tips

How often should the nursing pads be changed?

As often as necessary to feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong or set rhythm here, because every breastfeeding woman has a different milk flow. It is also possible that the nursing pad on one side of the breast

is absorbed more quickly than on the other side. With our individually wrapped nursing pads, however, changing one side is no problem, even on the go.


Are the nursing pads reusable?

No, the nursing pads must be disposed of after use. A reusable alternative for light to normal milk flow are our Silk Wool Nursing Pads.


How much breast milk do the nursing pads absorb?

The ultra-absorbent core securely traps up to 100 ml of liquid inside as moisture-absorbing beads soak it up and turn it into gel.


How to use the nursing pads?

Our nursing pads are hygienically packed individually. If necessary, they are removed from the films and inserted into the bra. With the help of the 2 adhesive strips on the outside, they can be fixed in the bra. Once they are fully absorbed or at will, they can be disposed of and replaced with new nursing pads.


Can the nursing pads be worn at night?

Yes, the nursing pads can also be inserted into the bra at night. Thanks to the fixing strips, they can be attached to the bra and provide safe protection from milk flow during sleep.

Material & Cleaning

The nursing pads are made of non-woven fabric, cellulose and a superabsorbent core.

The disposable product can be disposed of in household waste.


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