Urine-Control Test5

10 test strips for the detection of urinary tract infections, diseases of the kidneys and diabetes

Short & compact

  • Fast and hygienic measurement of parameters in urine
  • For detection of urinary tract infections, diseases of the kidneys and diabetes ( diabetes)
  • Easy to use at home
  • Detailed interpretation of results in the instructions for use
  • Test result already visible after 1- 2 minutes

Product information

Women in particular know it all too well. Once they have cold feet or have sat on a cold stone, they already have bladder problems that manifest themselves in frequent trips to the toilet and pain when urinating. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections due to their hormonal and physical changes. The ELANEE Urine Control Test 5 tests five individual parameters that provide information about the status of carbohydrate metabolism (“diabetes”), kidney function and urinary tract infections (e.g. cystitis). The test can be used not only by women but also by men.


10 test strips
1 plastic tube with color palette and lid with desiccant
1 instruction manual

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 13352367

Areas of application

The test is a dip and read strip for in vitro diagnostics to test the following parameters in urine:

Glucose (sugar)
Protein (protein)
Leukocytes (white blood cells)

The test result can provide information about the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney function and urinary tract infections. As soon as the test shows the first signs of a result deviating from the norm, a visit to a doctor is recommended.


The urine is collected in a suitable container (e.g. plastic cup) and a test strip is immersed. The urine to be tested is absorbed by each test pad (small square fields) on the test strip and an individual color reaction develops on each test pad through chemical and/or enzyme-based reactions. The test strip is then compared with the color palette on the plastic tube and with the result interpretation in the instructions for use.

Material & Cleaning

Each test strip (5 x 5 mm test pad area) contains the following components:

Glucose: Glucose oxidase 430U, Peroxidase 200U, o-Toldine 12 mg
Blood: Cumene hydroperoxide 12mg, o-Tolidine 35 mg
Protein: tetrabromophenol blue 0.34 mg
Nitrites: P-arsanilic acid 4.5 mg
Leukocytes: Induced indole amino acid ester 1.3 mg

Each test strip is intended for single use only. Used test strips should be disposed of in household waste covered with a cloth to prevent misuse of used strips.


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