Vaginal pH Self Test

Recognition of bacterial infections or vaginal fungal infections in combination with the patient’s own symptoms

Short & compact

  • Fast and hygienic measurement of the vaginal pH value
  • Support for early detection of bacterial vaginal infections
  • Help with the prevention of premature births
  • Easy to use at home
  • Individually packaged vaginal applicators
  • Available with 2 or 20 pieces


Product information

An uneasy feeling, itching or burning in the intimate area sets alarm bells ringing in every woman. The acidic vaginal environment is normally below a pH value of 4.4 and forms a natural protective barrier against bacteria and germs. The naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria ensure a healthy acid balance in the intimate area. Hormonal changes or external influences can reduce the number of lactic acid bacteria in favor of harmful bacteria and increase the risk of infection. Bacterial infections are the most common cause of preterm birth and can occur within 2-3 days. The interval between check-ups by your doctor or midwife is often too long to detect and treat a possible infection. With the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self-Test you can quickly and easily check your pH level at home at any time.


  • 2 individually packaged vaginal applicators
  • 1Instructions for use

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 11561960

Areas of application

A pH value above 4.4 indicates a shift in the acid balance. It thus provides an indication of the risk or presence of a bacterial infection in the intimate area. If a shift in pH is detected early, the environment can be restored to normal with natural remedies such as a course of lactic acid. Untreated bacterial vaginal infections are often the cause of reduced fertility. If bacterial infections go unnoticed during pregnancy, they can rise and increase the risk of

  • premature labor,
  • premature rupture of the membranes,
  • of a premature birth,
  • a bacterial infection of the fetus,
  • Fever during childbirth,
  • an inflammation of the ovaries (chorioamnionitis) and
  • inflammation of the endometrium after childbirth (endometritis post partum).

The use of the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self-Test is therefore useful in the following cases:

  • In case of suspected bacterial vaginosis
  • If a disturbed balance (dysbiosis) is suspected.
  • After anti-infective therapy (e.g. treatment with antibiotics).
  • Within the framework of preventive examinations during pregnancy
  • During pregnancy
  • If the risk of preterm birth is known
  • After sexual contact with a new partner
  • When intimate discomfort occurs
  • Before and after vaginal surgery (In case of injuries not yet completely healed, only after consultation with the doctor).


ELANEE Vaginal pH Self-Test is a reliable, hygienic and painless method of determining vaginal pH. The test enables the detection of the vaginal microecological balance or its disturbance. As soon as the pH measurement zone on the applicator comes into contact with vaginal secretion, a color change occurs. Depending on the acidity of the fluid, the measuring zone takes on a different color, which can be assigned to a value on the color scale. This value is the test result.


1. wash your hands before performing the test.

Open the folding box, remove a test and open the foil. Do not remove the applicator until just before the test.
Hold the applicator at the grip zone between your thumb and index finger (see Fig.1).
Avoid the pH measuring range coming into contact with other liquids.
5. sit with legs apart or place one foot on the toilet lid or other stable surface while standing.
With your free hand, gently spread the l
Gently insert the applicator like a tampon 1 to 3 cm into the vagina (Fig. 2) (no further than the grip ring). Insertion of the vaginal applicator is completely painless.
Gently press the inserted applicator against the posterior vaginal wall (on the side of the rectum) for approx. 10 seconds so that the measuring area for determining the pH value is well moistened.
CAUTION! Sufficient humidification is ve
9. then carefully remove the applicator from the vagina.
Read the result immediately after removing the applicator from the vagina while the measuring area is still wet (Fig. 3). Compare the color of the pH measuring range with the color scale and select the color that is closest to your measurement.
11. note the value in the test diary.
12. After use, dispose of the applicator in the household waste.

Material & Cleaning

The test strips of the ELANEE Vaginal pH Self Test are non-bleeding, i.e. they do not release any dyes or other substances. They may be inserted into the vagina. Never use pH test strips that release substances (e.g. water tests).

The ELANEE Vaginal pH Self-Test consists of an approx. 8 cm vaginal applicator with an integrated pH measuring strip (MERCK pH indicator sticks, pH 4.0 – 7.0).

Store the test in the closed protective bag in a dry place at room temperature. The test should be stored out of reach of children. The vaginal applicator is not intended for reuse and can be disposed of in household waste after use.


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