Washable Premium Breast Pads

Absorbent breast pads for secure, discrete underwear protection


  • Discrete and absorbent
  • Protects underwear thanks to a water-repellent layer
  • Seamless finish prevents pressure points
  • A net backing prevents the breast pad from slipping
  • An environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable products


Often, choosing the right breast pad is a real challenge for a woman. On different occasions, a woman often needs different breast pads. The ELANEE Washable Premium Breast Pads for underwear protection is the perfect companion when discretion and absorbency are paramount. In addition, they offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable products. Helping you feel protected between nursing sessions.

Content: 2 pair breast pads


The breast pads are placed in the bra so that the nipples are fully covered, meaning that leaking milk can be absorbed and breasts and clothing remain dry.


The washable breast pads provide discreet protection of underwear and are highly absorbent. They are made without seams that otherwise may press against sensitive breasts. The unique structure of the material immediately absorbs emerging milk and channels it through fine capillaries to the pad’s inside. The nipples then remain clean and dry. The outside is lined with a mesh that prevents soaking even from a heavy flow of milk and minimises slippage of the breast pad.


The ELANEE Washable Premium Breast Pads consist of 59 % polyester, 23 % polyurethane, 18 % polybutylene terephthalate

Care Advice: To obtain full absorbency, please wash the breast pads before first use. Please wash the breast pads in a net washing bag with a programme suitable for delicates (40 °C). Afterwards, spread them out to dry.