Soft tampons

Discreet and threadless

Short & compact

  • High wearing comfort thanks to ergonomic shape
  • No annoying ribbon
  • Easy removal thanks to integrated tab
  • Made in Germany
  • For the love of the environment: individual paper packaging
  • Certified material according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX (03.0.8286)

Product information

The threadless ELANEE soft tampons are a discreet alternative to conventional tampons. Thanks to the soft, absorbent material and the ergonomic shape, the soft tampons offer not only a high level of wearing comfort but also secure protection. This means that you no longer have to do without everyday activities such as sports, sauna, swimming or sexual intercourse – even during your period. Thanks to the integrated tab, the soft tampon can be removed quickly and easily. The soft tampons are individually packaged and are therefore ideal for on the go. For the love of the environment, the individual packaging is made entirely of paper.

Product available in different packaging sizes:

4 pieces
10 pieces
50 pieces

Areas of application

Due to the threadless design, in addition to everyday situations, the tampon can be easily worn during sports, sauna, swimming or during sexual intercourse. The use of the soft tampon is possible both for home use and on the go.


Before insertion:

Wash your hands thoroughly before using the soft tampon. Take the tampon out of the package. To facilitate the insertion of the tampon, it can be moistened with clean water. Afterwards, please squeeze the soft tampon well to ensure maximum fluid absorption.


1.Take the soft tampon between two fingers on the outer sides and place a third on a flat side of the soft tampon.
2. now press it firmly together.
Tip: To make insertion easier, a relaxed posture is helpful. For example, the tampon can be inserted while standing (possibly with one leg elevated) or squatting.

With the other hand, open the labia and push the tampon into the vagina until it is in front of the cervix.

Note: If your hymen is intact, please use the soft tampon with caution.




Wearing time: Regular changing of the tampon is important. The soft tampon can be worn for up to 8 hours. However, depending on the menstrual strength, it may be necessary to remove the tampon earlier. We recommend wearing the tampon for 4-6 hours. After intimate intercourse or swimming, you should change the soft tampon immediately.



Removal: The soft tampon does not have a return ribbon, but can be easily removed via the integrated tab. To do this, take it by the tab with your index or middle finger and pull it out. If removal is difficult, we recommend squatting down or lifting one leg. If the soft tampon cannot be removed, please consult your gynecologist immediately.


The ELANEE Soft Tampon is inserted into the vagina to just below the cervix. Due to the absorbent material, the liquid can be absorbed directly in the body and leakage is prevented. After insertion, the tampon adapts directly to the shape of the body thanks to its ergonomic shape, thus preventing leakage of the liquid. The tampon should be worn for a maximum of 8 hours. Depending on the strength of the period, an earlier change may be necessary. Removal is done by pulling the soft tampon or hooking the finger into the tab.

Material and Cleaning

The ELANEE soft tampon is made of 100% polyurethane foam.

Used soft tampons should be disposed of in a hygienic bag or cloth in household waste to avoid the risk of infection. Please observe the regional disposal guidelines. The used soft tampons must not be disposed of in the toilet. You can dispose of the individual components of the packaging in the waste paper.


  • The minimum required quantity in the cart is 1. Please consider increasing the quantity in your cart.
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