Our products for Menstrual Care

We want to offer women, regardless of age, solutions to problems so that they can enjoy being a woman. We have noticed that we have not yet covered an important topic which accompanies women like us for many years of our lives with our previous products: the period!

Every woman knows tampons and sanitary towels. They are the most common period products, which are already available on the market in many different variations. However, there are already many more helpers to make menstruation more comfortable and also more lasting.

For the launch of our new product range “Menstrual Care” we have focused on two products where we are convinced that we can offer women safe protection during their menstruation without having to give up everyday things.

Menstrual cup – the cup with heart

We have started the development of a menstrual cup with the aim of creating a menstrual cup that allows both experienced users and total period and/or cup newcomers to have an uncomplicated period.

Our result: the cup with heart – a menstrual cup that is unique on the market thanks to its patented, discreet pull tab for hygienic removal.

Soft-Tampons – Ideal complement to the menstrual cup

The threadless tampons are a discreet alternative to conventional tampons and, thanks to the soft, absorbent material and ergonomic shape, they offer not only high wearing comfort but also reliable protection.

The special thing about ELANEE soft tampons: there is no need to do without activities such as sport, sauna, swimming and sexual intercourse, even during periods.

Soon you will find more information about menstruation here!

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