Protect sensitive, painful, sore and inflamed nipples due to their hollow shape


If touch or any contact with fabric is not only unpleasant for the nipple but is acutely painful, our ELANEE breast rings provide ideal protection. Alongside medical and therapeutic instruction, our breast rings are a great addition for supporting sore nipples during healing thanks to the hollow cup and even pressure distribution.


  • Protect sensitive, painful, sore and inflamed nipples and support the healing process
  • Special pear shape spreads pressure evenly
  • With marking for each breast-side to prevent cross-contamination
  • Disposable product can be worn for up to max. 24 hours



  • 5 pairs of Breast-Rings(5 pieces with and 5 pieces without a notch)
  • 1 Instructions for use

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 11562008



ELANEE Breast Rings are designed for breast-feeding women with sensitive, painful, sore or inflamed nipples.



Breast rings have a recess in the centre for the nipple. When placed centrally on the breast inside a loose bra, the rings form a barrier between the breast and the fabric by forming a hollow cup, and this means that the stressed-out nipples are able to heal properly. The material is highly elastic with a strong compression hardness and therefore guarantees the gap to the fabric, even under pressure. The special pear shape of the breast rings also provides ergonomically optimised padding for the breast. The breast rings are provided with or without a notch to differentiate their positioning on the right and left breast. This prevents cross-contamination when reused after feeding.


1. Ensure clean conditions prior to using the breast rings (e.g. by washing your hands).
2. Loosen your bra (adjust straps and fastening generously).
3. Please take a breast ring with a notch from the packaging and place it into the centre of the left-hand cup of your bra with the notch pointing downwards.
Please take a breast ring without a notch and place it onto the right breast with the broader side pointing downwards (“pear-shaped”).
4. Remove the breast rings before feeding.
5. After feeding, use the ring with the notch for the left-hand breast and the ring without the notch for the right-hand one.
6. Dispose of contaminated or damp rings at once – at the latest however after 24 hours – in your household waste and use a new breast ring as described under points 2 and 3.
Tip: If one ring is not sufficient to surround the nipple in the hollow, take a second ring and place it on top of the first one. In order to soothe the stressed-out nipples, we recommend using a nipple balm. For protection against moisture, you can insert an absorbent breast pad between the breast ring and your clothes.


The ELANEE Breast Rings are made of 100% polyurethane foam.

The breast rings are disposable products and must only be used for a maximum of 24 hours. They can be disposed of along with household waste. The individual packaging components must be separated and then disposed of in the relevant recycling system. Please be aware of local disposal guidelines.