Breast Rings

Protect sensitive, painful, sore and inflamed nipples due to hollow

Short & compact

  • Protects painful, inflamed nipples from touch
  • Ring in pear shape with markers for each side of the breast to prevent cross-infection
  • Can be worn up to 24 hours
  • Medical device manufactured in Germany; can be prescribed by the doctor on prescription
  • 5 pairs of 100% polyurethane foam, white

Product information

Our ELANEE Breast Rings protect sensitive, painful, sore and inflamed nipples from touch by hollowing them.

The breast rings have a recess in the middle for the nipples and are placed in a loose bra centered on the breast. Thanks to the hollow position, a barrier is created between the breast and the textile (e.g. clothing or bra), allowing the stressed nipples to heal very well.

The material (polyurethane foam) has a high elasticity with pronounced compression hardness and thus ensures the distance to the textile even under pressure. The special pear shape of the chest rings additionally cushions the chest in an ergonomically optimized way.

A pair of breast rings is each provided with and without a notch to distinguish the application to the left and right breast. In the case of inflamed nipples, this prevents cross-contamination when the rings are applied again after breastfeeding.


The breast rings can be prescribed by the doctor on prescription (aid number:

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 11562008

Areas of application

The breast rings are suitable:

  • To protect the nipple from external contact and bra contact by hollow bearing and even pressure compensation
  • To support the regeneration of heavily stressed and sore nipples, thanks to good air circulation through hollow bearing


The breast ring with the notch is placed on the left breast.

Further information & tips

What are breast rings?
Breast rings, often also called breast donuts or nursing donuts, are rings (e.g. made of foam) with a recess in the middle. They support women during breastfeeding by hollowing inflamed, painful nipples.


Can I use the breast rings more than once?

No. The breast rings are a single-use product and should be disposed of after 24 hours at the latest.


How often should you change the breast rings?

Dirty or moist rings should be disposed of immediately for reasons of hygiene. As this is a disposable product, the breast rings should be replaced after 24 hours at the latest.


Which ring belongs on which chest?

The breast ring with the notch is placed on the left breast. After breastfeeding, be careful not to interchange the breast rings when putting them on to avoid cross-infection.


Can the breast rings stay in the bra while sleeping?

Yes, the breast rings can remain inserted in the bra during sleep. A nursing pad can be placed between the breast ring and bra to protect against milk flow.


Can I wear the breast rings if I have a heavy milk flow?

Yes, it is best to combine the breast rings with our ultra-thin nursing pads. These can be inserted between the breast ring and clothing.


tip: In case of existing infections or inflammations of the nipple (e.g. thrush infection), make sure to use disposable nursing pads instead of washable nursing pads.

Material & Cleaning

ELANEE breast rings are made of 100% polyurethane foam.

The breast rings are a single-use product and may be used for a maximum of 24 hours. They can be disposed of in household waste. The individual components of the packaging must be separated by type and fed into the appropriate recycling system. Please observe the regional disposal guidelines.


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