Protect sensitive, painful, sore and inflamed nipples and support the healing process


Many women find nursing to be a wonderful feeling. But, especially in the early weeks, nursing mothers often suffer from sore nipples. Even the slightest touch is painful. ELANEE Breast-Rings offer perfect protection from unpleasant contact, e.g. with clothing. The nipples are raised in the pear-shaped breast rings. Simply place inside your bra. Pressure on the breast is spread evenly. Air can circulate. This alleviates pain and promotes rapid healing. Apply a little ELANEE nipple balm and sore, inflamed breasts are able to recover underneath clothing. Making nursing comfortable.


  • Protects the nipples against contact incl. from bras by lifting them up
  • Allows for better blood flow and air circulation
  • Special pear shape spreads pressure evenly
  • With marking for each breast-side to prevent cross-contamination
  • Disposable product can be worn for up to max. 24 hours



  • 5 pairs of Breast-Rings(5 pieces with and 5 pieces without a notch)
  • 1 Instructions for use

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 11562008



ELANEE Breast-Rings protect sensitive, painful, sore and inflamed nipples from external contact and contact with the bra due to their hollow shape. This helps sooth pain and promotes healing through air circulation. The ELANEE Breast Rings prevent the bending or squeezing of the nipples, they improve the blood circulation of the nipples and promote the healing process.


If touch or any contact with fabric causes the nipples discomfort or even acute pain, our ELANEE breast rings provide the ideal protection. Along with medical and therapeutic instructions, our breast rings are a great addition for supporting sore nipples during healing thanks to the hollow cup and even pressure distribution.


The rings are placed directly on the breast inside the bra. The nipple balm can be applied to help soothe nipples. It is recommended that you place the ELANEE ultra-thin disposable nursing pads between the breast rings and clothing to protect clothing against leakages.


The special pear shape of the breast rings protects the breast optimally and contributes to an even distribution of pressure. A breathable hollow support for the nipples is recommended to protect them and to encourage a fast healing process. The circular opening of the breast rings ensures the access of air and at the same time relieves painful nipples from external touch or contact. This promotes regeneration and improves the healing process of sore nipples.


A pair of breast rings comprises two foam rings. The ring for the left breast is indicated with a groove. The rings should be disposed of after use (up to 24 hours). ELANEE breast rings can be used alongside medical treatments.


The ELANEE-Breast Rings consist of 100% Polyurethane foam.

The breast rings are intended to be used only once and up to a maximum of 24 hours. The breast rings can be disposed of in the usual household waste. Separate the individual components of the packaging accordingly and dispose of in the relevant recycling system. Please observe the local and regional guidelines for disposal.