Breast milk bags

 For safe and hygienic storage and freezing of breast milk


  • Safe storage and freezing of pumped breast milk
  • Free from BPA
  • Food-safe with a neutral taste
  • Pre-sterilised
  • No spillages thanks to the double safety seal


Only the best for your baby, from the very beginning: Breast milk. Whether it’s fresh from the breast or pumped, frozen and then warmed to body temperature. Your precious breast milk is safely stored in pre-sterilised ELANEE breast milk storage bags. With double safety seal to prevent this precious “baby drink” spilling in the freezer. The material is extra durable and free from BPA. When stored properly, breast milk can be frozen for up to 6 months. So your baby can enjoy your breast milk for longer.


• 20 breast milk bags
• 1 instructions for use

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 12433856


The ELANEE breast milk bags are suited for filling, storing and transporting breast milk (or baby food). The bags are intended for storing pumped milk at room temperature, for cooling in the refrigerator and for freezing in the freezer. Observe the breast milk shelf life according to the following temperature information:

• 16-29 °C up to 4 hours
• Below 4°C up to 3 days
• Below -18 °C up to 6 months



Safety information:

Use breast milk bag only once. Do not freeze defrosted milk. Do not mix warm milk with frozen milk. For defrosting, do not use boiling water, a microwave or an oven!

Storing and freezing breast milk:

Make sure that everything is clean when handling breast milk (e.g. wash hands, clean jars). Take the bag from the storage bag only just before using it. Open the safety closure. Fill the pumped milk into the bag. Read off the filling quantity from the scale. Press all the air out of the bag and close the bag. Enter the filling date and the quantity into the intended label­ling field, preferably with a waterproof pen. Place the bag flat in refrigeration or freezer. Make sure during storage that the bag does not come in contact with other frozen items or that it is pulled across icy surfaces. Otherwise, the material could become brittle and porous. Frozen breast milk bags should be stored very care­fully, preferably in an extra compartment.

Defrosting breast milk:

Defrost the filled milk bag slowly in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Put the bag upside down into a clean jar. This way, possibly leaking milk can be collected. If a clean jar is used, the col­lected milk can be used as food without hesitation. For quick defrosting, the breast milk can be defrosted under running warm water or in a water bath (max. 37°C). If the milk forms different layers, shake the bag, so that milk and milk fat are mixed again. Do not freeze defrosted milk again.


The ELANEE breast milk bags are composed of 100 % polyethylene.

Use breast milk bag only once. The used ELANEE breast milk bags can be disposed of in the household waste.