Lactic Acid Treatment

For the relief of vaginal discomfort and prevention of bacterial vaginal infections.

Short & Compact

  • For stabilization and maintenance of healthy vaginal flora
  • For the relief of vaginal discomfort and prevention of recurrent vaginosis.
  • To support a healthy vaginal environment through lactic acid
  • Free from fragrances and dyes
  • Easy dosage of the gel due to size-optimized vaginal applicators

Note for initial application:

At the beginning of the application, due to the low pH value (pH 3.8) of the lactic acid cure and an increased sensitivity of the vagina, a slight to stronger burning sensation may occur. With increasing restoration of the vaginal flora, this should no longer occur.

Product information

Almost every woman knows the unpleasant feeling of itching or burning in the intimate area and suspects that a few annoying days will follow. However, not every woman knows what exactly is going on in her body right now. The pH value of a healthy vaginal area is 3.8 – 4.4 and is thus significantly more acidic than the pH value of the skin (approx. 5.5). The increased acidity forms a natural protective shield to prevent the invasion of germs and other microorganisms. Lactic acid supports the development and maintenance of a naturally healthy vaginal flora. The ELANEE lactic acid cure helps to relieve vaginal discomfort and prevent vaginal infections.


  • 1 Lactic acid gel in 20 ml tube
  • 7 individually packed applicators with 2.5 ml filling volume
  • 1 Instruction for use

Pharmaceutical Central Number (PZN): 13748711

Areas of application

The ELANEE lactic acid cure is particularly suitable for women with known vaginal imbalance (vaginal pH > 4.4), with a tendency to vaginal infections (bacterial vaginosis) and after antibiotic treatment, vaginal infection or vaginal fungus treatment. By supporting the restoration of a balanced and healthy vaginal flora, complaints of bacterial vaginal infections, such as itching, burning, abnormal discharge or unpleasant odor are prevented.


Lactic acid bacteria ensure a healthy vaginal flora in the vagina and prevent the colonization and spread of harmful bacteria. If the vaginal environment contains too few lactic acid bacteria, the vaginal pH rises and bacteria can settle better and spread faster. Bacterial vaginal infections are accompanied by various complaints such as itching, burning, dryness, increased discharge or unpleasant odor. Severe untreated infections can lead to inflammation and infertility. In pregnant women, ascending infections can trigger premature labor, rupture of the membranes, or possibly premature birth. The ELANEE Lactic Acid Cure has a pH value of less than 4.0 and enables the normalization of the vaginal flora. In addition, the body has additional time to form its own lactic acid and regenerate itself to rebuild the healthy vaginal flora.


1. pay attention to clean conditions (e.g. wash hands).

2. unscrew the gel tube and pierce the seal of the tube opening with the inverted cap.

Take the applicator out of the foil package just before use and screw it onto the opened gel tube.

Slowly squeeze the lactic acid gel out of the tube up to the stop of the screwed-on applicator (approx. 2.5 ml = 1/2 applicator filling). CAUTION! Do not press any gel past the plunger! Carefully unscrew the half-full applicator from the tube.

5. position yourself in the supine position preferably in the evening before going to bed with your legs slightly drawn up and a towel under the pelvic floor area.

6. insert the filled applicator like a tampon approx. 2-3 cm into the vagina.

7. press the gel completely out of the applicator into the vagina by slowly pressing the plunger. For sensitive mucous membranes, the gel with its low pH may temporarily cause a slight burning sensation.

Dispose of the used applicator in the household waste and repeat the above steps with a new applicator on the following tabs.

Tip: Wearing a panty liner/pad is recommended after using the lactic acid gel, as increased discharge may occur.

Figure 1:

Shortly before use, remove the applicator from the foil packaging and screw it onto the opened gel tube. Press the lactic acid gel out of the tube to the stop of the screwed applicator.


Figure 2:

Insert the filled applicator approx. 2-3 cm into the vagina like a tampon. Press the gel completely out of the applicator into the vagina by slowly pressing the plunger. Then dispose of the used applicator.

Material & Cleaning

The ELANEE lactic acid gel consists of: : Aqua, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, Lactic Acid
Ein Applikator besteht aus: Polyethylen (PE)

Storage and durability
The aluminum tube must be protected from sunlight and transported and stored in a dry place within the temperature limits of 5°C to 25°C. The lactic acid gel is provided with a best before date ( BBD ) on the packaging. The product can be disposed of in standard household waste.


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