Wool Pads

For covering stressed nipples and other, sensitive skin areas

Short & compact

  • Wool pads to cover stressed nipples and sensitive skin areas
  • Soft, air-permeable and discreet wool pads made of merino wool from controlled organic animal husbandry (from Germany, mulesing-free) with natural lanolin
  • Ready to use shaped grease wool
  • 20 wool pads, 8 x 8 cm, square shaped to prevent valuable wool waste, wool white

Product information

The ELANEE wool pads are made of carefully selected, gently washed merino sheep’s wool from certified organic livestock. Due to their felted and airy structure, the wool pads discreetly and easily cover stressed nipples and sensitive skin areas (e.g. baby’s bottom, heel during sports…) without being bulky. The wool pads with natural lanolin feel pleasantly soft on the skin, are air-permeable and warming.

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 18354684

Areas of application

Now place the wool pad on your desired skin area (e.g. nipple, baby’s bottom, heel during sports…). Während der Stillzeit sind die ELANEE Wollpads bei leichtem Milchfluss geeignet. Die Wollpads können hierfür einfach in den (Still-) BH eingelegt werden und so lange getragen werden, wie es als angenehm empfunden wird. Die gefilzte Oberfläche ermöglicht dabei einen guten und sicheren Halt ohne Verrutschen.

Our Tip:

Combine the ELANEE wool pads with the ELANEE ultra-thin nursing pads – absorbent, absolutely discreet and therefore ideal for on the go. Mit Hilfe des Klebepunkts werden die Stilleinlagen einfach in den BH eingeklebt. On top of it you can place the wool pad, which should rest on the side of the body.

Material & Storage and Disposal


100% wool (controlled organic livestock)
Natural product


Storage and Disposal:

Store product in a dry place and protect from moisture. The wool pads are intended for single use only. Soiled and used pads can be disposed of in household waste. The individual components of the packaging must be separated by type and fed into the appropriate recycling system. The regional disposal guidelines must be observed.


The pleasantly soft, air-permeable and warming pads are simply placed on the affected skin area.

The wool pads are suitable

  • To cover stressed nipples during breastfeeding. The pads are inserted into the bra and provide secure support without slipping.
  • They are ideal for light milk flow.
  • for insertion into the diaper for stressed baby’s bottom.
  • for covering sensitive skin areas (e.g. heel during sports).


Our wool pads are square shaped to avoid valuable wool waste. If required, the pads themselves can be drawn or cut into shape (e.g. oval) as desired.


Safety instructions:

  • Plant residues on the overlays are natural due to the gentle washing process.
  • Do not use on open wounds and neurodermatitis!
  • Should the product be used on babies, be sure to use the wool pads only under immediate adult supervision!
  • If redness, itching or swelling occur, there is a possibility of a very rare wool alcohol allergy. The application must then be discontinued immediately.
  • The wool pads are intended for single use only for hygienic reasons.
  • The minimum required quantity in the cart is 1. Please consider increasing the quantity in your cart.
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