Menstrual heat patch

Pleasant warmth and relaxation for up to 12 hours

Short & Compact

  • For pleasant warmth and relaxation during menstruation
  • Heat plaster without active ingredients for sticking on the skin or a textile close to the body
  • Provides warmth for up to 12 hours
  • Heats itself through contact with oxygen
  • 2 menstrual heat patches, each 20 x 10 cm, white

Product information

The ELANEE menstrual heat patch provides soothing warmth during the period for up to 12 hours. The filling of the patch is free of active ingredients and warms itself within a few minutes after opening the foil pouch through contact with oxygen. Thanks to the harmless adhesive and pleasant heat, it can be stuck directly to the skin or alternatively to the inside of the panties. One package contains two individually wrapped heat patches.

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 19105658

Areas of application

The menstrual heat patch is suitable:

  • For relaxation during menstruation
  • As a warmth dispenser for at home and on the road
  • For relaxation of other body regions such as neck, shoulders or back

Further information & tips

How to use menstrual heat patches?

Open the foil pouch, peel off the protective foil from the adhesive side and apply the heat patch to the desired body part. The heat patch heats itself within a few minutes.


How to activate the heat patch?

The heat patch activates by contact with oxygen. After opening the foil package, the patch heats itself within a few minutes.


What is the shelf life of the heat patches?

Our menstrual heat patches have a shelf life of 4 years from the date of production. The best before date can be found on the packaging. Note: Even after the expiration date, the heat patches can still be used. However, it is possible that the warming effect decreases.


How warm do heat patches get?

The average temperature is about 45 °C and is reached after about 30 minutes.

Note: The temperature reached by the heat patch may be affected by factors such as the ambient temperature.


Can the heat patch also be used on the neck or back?

Yes, the heat patch can be used for any part of the body and can be applied directly to the skin.


Are heat patches reusable?

No, our menstrual heat patch is a disposable product that keeps warm for up to 12 hours. After it has completely cooled down, it must be disposed of.

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