Silk-Wool-Breast-Pads, 2-layers

To support the recovery of sore nipples


  • To protect clothing during light milk flow and to support the regeneration of heavily stressed nipples
  • Washable nursing pads with a silk side and a wool side
  • Made in Germany
  • 50 % silk, 50 % wool
  • Two layers with open knitting for good air circulation


Many women find nursing a great joy. Nursing often promotes a particularly intense, intimate relationship between a mother and her baby. Yet it is often also the case that nursing mothers suffer from sore nipples. Sore, chapped nipples heal best when exposed to the open air. But this isn’t always possible in day-to-day life. With ELANEE Silk-Wool-Breast-Pads, nipples are able to “breathe” under clothes and can recover. Two layers, double the benefits: The fine silk and the loose stitching allow for excellent airflow. The absorbent wool layer protects underwear. For pleasant breastfeeding despite sore nipples.

Content: 1 pair breast pads

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 12433744



ELANEE Silk-Wool-Breast-Pads, 2 layers are suitable for:

  • sore chapped and cracked nipples
  • Light milk flow


The silk (breast-side) and the special knit ensure good air circulation and draw moistur quickly and hygienically away from the body. The wool absorbs the milk and protects the clothes from getting wet.


The ELANEE Silk-Wool-Breast-Pads consists of 50 % silk and 50% wool.

Please soak in hand warm water with a little wool detergent, rinse out well and squeeze dry in a towel before pulling into shape and
drying on a flat surface. Felting can be avoided by adding a little vinegar to the rinsing water. The characteristic odour of silk is fully
normal. The product can be disposed of along with the household waste.