Silk-Wool-Breast-Pads, 2 layers

To support the regeneration of heavily stressed nipples

Short & compact

  • To protect clothing during light milk flow and to support the regeneration of heavily stressed nipples
  • Washable nursing pads with one silk side and one wool side
  • Made in Germany
  • 50% silk & 50% wool, two layers with open knit for good air circulation
  • 1 pair of nursing pads, diameter: 12 cm

Product information

Our ELANEE silk-wool nursing pads reliably protect clothing from breast milk and are particularly gentle on heavily used nipples. The washable nursing pads are pleasantly soft and hardly noticeable. They are made of wool and silk.

The fine silk side is marked with a pink color and is inserted towards the breast.The wool side protects clothing thanks to its absorbency.

Both layers have an open knit, which provides good air circulation. The reusable nursing pads are an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable nursing pads, as they can be easily hand washed.

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 12433744

Areas of application

The silk-wool nursing pads are suitable:

  • To protect the clothes in case of light milk flow
  • To support the regeneration of heavily stressed nipples, thanks to the open knitted design

The silk side is inserted in the direction of the breast.

Further information & tips

Sore, cracked nipples regenerate best directly in the air. Therefore, as a person affected, you should wear airy clothing or no clothing at all. Since this is of course not always possible in everyday life, we recommend our silk-wool nursing pads because of their airy knit.


Do the nursing pads need to be washed before first use?

For hygiene reasons, we recommend washing the nursing pads first after purchase. All information about cleaning can be found here: Material & Cleaning


How often should you change nursing pads or how often should you wash them?

Nursing pads should be changed when they become soaked. They should be washed after each use.


Are the washable nursing pads suitable for the washing machine or dryer?

No! The nursing pads are made of wool and silk and therefore should only be washed by hand and air dried.


Which side should be placed against the breast?

The nursing pads are inserted into the bra with the silk side facing the breast. The silk side is marked with a pink thread.


Can the nursing pads stay in the bra while sleeping?

Yes, the soft nursing pads are especially comfortable to wear, even at night.

Material & Cleaning

The nursing pads are made of 50% silk and 50% wool.

Soak the nursing pads in lukewarm water with wool detergent, then rinse well, squeeze in a towel, pull into shape and dry lying down. A little vinegar in the rinse water prevents the wool from matting. A certain inherent odor of silk is normal. ELANEE silk-wool nursing pads can be disposed of in normal household waste.

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