Breast gel pads

To cover and protect sore nipples

Short & Compact

  • To cover and protect nipples with superficial wounds

  • Thin gel pads with integrated notches for the nipple and roundings for easy removal
  • Do not stick to the nipple and are pleasantly cool to the skin

  • Carrier material: non-woven fabric. Water, glycol, polymer

  • 12 white gel pads (1 pair each individually packed) with wavy shape, approx. 7 x 7 cm

Product information

Our ELANEE breast gel pads are suitable for covering and protecting stressed nipples with superficial wounds during breastfeeding. They provide a barrier between the nipple and the textile (e.g. bra, T-shirt) and thus protect the sore nipples from external influences such as friction. At the same time, they have a pleasant cooling effect and do not stick to the nipple.

The gel pads fit perfectly to the breast thanks to the thin, flexible material and the wavy shape. In the middle of the pads is an integrated indentation, whereby the material optimally adapts to the nipples. Due to the rounded corners, the breast gel pads can be easily removed.


Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 17631489

Areas of Application

The breast gel pads are suitable for breastfeeding women:

  • To cover sore nipples
  • To protect sore nipples from contact with clothing (protection from friction).
  • For cooling the nipple

The breast gel pads are suitable for sore nipples where the dermis is not severed (superficial wounds).

Further information & tips

Tip: For an added cool sensation, the breast gel pads can be stored in the refrigerator prior to use.


Is it necessary to wash the breast before breastfeeding?

No, the breast does not need to be washed off before breastfeeding. To breastfeed, carefully peel the gel pads off the nipple and place them on a clean surface with the gel side facing up.


Can I reuse the breast gel pads after breastfeeding?

Yes. During breastfeeding, the gel pads should be placed on a clean surface with the gel side facing up. The pads should be placed on the same side of the breast each time after breastfeeding to avoid cross-infection. The pads must be discarded after 24 hours at the latest.


How long may the breast gel pads be worn?

The breast gel pads can be worn for up to 24 hours. If the pads are soiled, they must be disposed of immediately.


I only need one chest gel pad. How long can I keep the second gel pad open?

If only one gel pad is needed, the other can be stored in the packaging for up to 24 hours. This should be well closed and placed in the refrigerator.


What is included in the breast gel pads?

Less is more: The carrier material is a non-woven fabric. For a cooling and soothing effect provide water, glycol and a polymer.

.The material of our breast gel pads has been tested by an independent laboratory and is completely harmless.


Material & Cleaning

The ELANEE breast gel pads consist of:

  • Carrier material: non-woven fabric
  • Water, glycol, polymer

The breast gel pads are intended for single use only and may be used for a maximum of 24 hours. The breast gel pads can be disposed of in household waste. The individual components of the packaging must be separated by type and fed into the appropriate recycling system. The regional disposal guidelines must be observed.


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