Breast Gel Pads

To cover and protect sore nipples

ELANEE breast gel pads are designed to protect and cover nipples with superficial wounds. They do not stick to the nipple and feel pleasant and cool on the skin.


  • To cover and protect sore nipples
  • Rounded edges for easier removal
  • The very best fit to the nipple thanks to integrated indents
  • Perfect hold thanks to the ribbed shape



  • 6 pairs of Breast gel pads
  • Instructions for Use

Areas of Application

ELANEE Breast gel pads are designed for breastfeeding women with sore nipples.


The ELANEE Breast gel pads form a mechanical barrier between the nipple and fabric and thus protect sore nipples from external influences. The breast gel pads do not stick to the skin and feel pleasant and cool on the skin.


  1. Ensure clean conditions prior to using the breast gel pads (e.g. by washing your hands).
  2. Open the foil bag at the perforation.
  3. Please take one breast gel pad out of the packaging and pull off the transparent protective film. Then position the pad with the gel side centrally on the nipple. Follow the same steps for the second pad on the other breast. If you only need one breast gel pad, you can keep the other one in the packaging for up to 24 hours. Close the packaging tightly and put it in the fridge.
  4. Remove the breast gel pads before breastfeeding by pulling gently on the rounded edges on the side. Place the breast gel pads on a clean surface with the gel side facing upwards.
  5. Wash the breast carefully with warm water.
  6. After breastfeeding, put the pads back onto the same breasts, to avoid any possible cross infection.
  7. Dispose of the breast gel pads, at the latest after 24 hours, in your household waste and use a new pair as described under points 3-6. Dispose of contaminated breast gel pads immediately.

Tip: For an additional cool feeling, you can store the breast gel pads in the fridge before use.

Material and Cleaning

The ELANEE breast gel pads are made of:

  • carrier material: non-woven
  • Water, glycol, polymer

The breast gel pads are designed to be used only once and for up to a maximum of 24 hours. Breast gel pads can be disposed of along with household waste. The individual packaging components must be separated and then disposed of in the relevant recycling system. When doing this, follow the regional disposal guidelines.