Seat cushion for pelvic floor training

For active exercise and maintenance of pelvic floor muscles in your day-to-day life



  • Exercises the pelvic floor muscles through unstable sitting
  • Knobbly surface massages and improves blood flow
  • Usable on any un-upholstered seat
  • Extensive exercise book with individual exercise instructions
  • Active sitting improves posture


Pelvic floor exercise on your own, just from sitting, with no strain involved? It’s true – thanks to active sitting. With the ELANEE cushion, you can strengthen your pelvic floor with no extra effort. Sitting on the air-filled cushion creates instability in the pelvis. The pelvic floor muscles must work to bring the pelvis back into a stable position. The knobbly side helps improve circulation in the seating area. You can inflate the cushion to your own individual requirements using the hand pump – whatever suits you best! Wherever you sit – active sitting with the ELANEE cushion works on any fixed seat. For a lasting, strong pelvic floor.


  • 1 seat cushion for pelvic floor training
  • 1 Hand pump
  • 1 Instructions for use
  • 1 Leaflet of exercises

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN): 11885792


The ELANEE seat cushion is particularly suited:
• Training of weakened pelvic floor muscles and preservation of existing muscle strength
• Positive effect on upright and healthy posture
• Training of the back muscles
• Helps in prevention and treatment of back problems
• Helps in preventing disc prolapse


With the ELANEE seat cushion for pelvic floor training you can train your pelvic floor muscles on the side in everyday life. The operating principle of the seat cushion is “active sitting”. To do that, the seat cushion is simply placed on any seating furniture. Unpadded surfaces are particularly suited. The cushion is filled with air and creates a slight instability in the pelvis during sitting. The pelvic floor muscles counterbalance this instability and are therefore constantly strained and stimulated during sitting. The constant movement trains the pelvic floor muscles. The ripped side of the cushion stimulates blood circulation in the buttocks at the same time.


The ELANEE seat cushion consists of polyvinyl chloride.

The seat cushion can be cleaned with a mild cleaning agent and a moist cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or disinfectants containing alcohol or chlorine and do not use hot air for drying!

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