Support belt

To ease pain in the back and pelvic girdle caused by pregnancy


  • Relief of the back and pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduction of back or pelvic girdle pain
  • Expandable through infinitely adjustable velcro fastener
  • Wide back strap and integrated sticks for better stabilisation
  • Lateral elastic bands for individual adjustment


The ELANEE support belt is an orthopaedic belt, consisting of a belt with fully adjustable Velcro fastener, elastic straps as well as stabilising back rods and is designed for short-term use in the area of the lower back. It is intended to be worn by women during pregnancy to ease pain in the back or pelvic girdle and after giving birth to stabilise the abdominal wall.


Measure abdominal girth according to the graphics shown here to establish the correct size. Advice: Position the measuring tape about a hand-width below the belly button diagonally towards the back.

Size S:     under 100 cm

Size M:   100-108 cm
Size L:    108-116 cm
Size XL: over 116 cm


  • 1 ELANEE support belt for pregnant women in the selected siz
  • 1 instructions for use

Pharmaceutical registration number (PZN):

  • Size S: 12433684
  • Size M: 12433690
  • Size L: 12433709
  • Size XL: 12433715


The ELANEE support belt is for expectant mothers with back pain or pelvic girdle pain.


The ELANEE support belt supports the stomach and alleviates back pain by taking some of the burden off the muscles of the back and pelvic floor. The fully adjustable Velcro fastener means that you can adjust the belt to suit individual requirements. This means that the support belt can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy and after giving birth. Using the two additional elastic straps, the supportive effect can be adjusted to fit personal requirements for comfort and stability.
It is important that you use the right size of ELANEE support belt and that it is positioned correctly, in order to achieve the very best level of support. The graphics and product images on the packaging indicate the correct sizing and the correct positioning of the belt. When doing this, follow these steps:
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Open the support belt by undoing the Velcro fastener. Place the belt with the large surface level with the lower back and fasten the belt by putting the right side over the left side under the stomach. When doing this the arrow on the label should be pointing upwards. Fasten the Velcro tight enough that it still feels comfortable.

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Take both elastic bands into your hands simultaneously and tighten them as evenly as possible, so that there are no folds in the fabric that could cause a pressure sensation. Take both elastic bands into your hands simultaneously and tighten them as evenly as possible, so that there are no folds in the fabric that could cause a pressure sensation. Fix the elastic straps onto the Velcro pads provided, to give you a pleasant supportive effect.
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If you feel that the support belt is too tight or too loose, repeat sthe steps above and change the tension of the elastic straps.


The ELANEE support belts are composed of:

  • 56 % polyamide (PA)
  • 24 % polyurethane (PU)
  • 20 % cotton (CO)

The ELANEE support belt is only suitable for hand wash and should be dried in open air without wringing or twisting. To prevent damage to the support belt, the use of chemical cleaning agents and ironing the support belt is not recommended. Please observe the cleaning and care instructions on the product in order to increase the service life of your belt. The ELANEE support belt can be disposed of along with the household waste. Please observe the regional disposal regulations in the process.