Breast Massager Device

For breast massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding


  • For a gentle and soothing massage of the female breast
  • With 6 different program levels
  • The shape of the device is ideally adapted to the breast’s contours
  • For comfortable easing of the breast tissue
  • Stimulates the bloo


The vibrating ELANEE Breast Massager Device is suitable for the female breast during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It gives a soothing massage, and aids the blood circulation in the breast tissue for enhanced nourishment. The flow of milk is stimulated and the device helps to ease any hard areas.


  • breast massage device
  • USB charging cable
  • instruction manual
  • storage bag

Pharmacy Central Number (PZN): 14312594


The ELANEE Breast Massager device is suitable for women during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. The device is particularly suitable for women who are breastfeeding for the stimulation of milk flow and/or to relieve blockages in the breast.

Three different recommendations for the breast massage:


The ELANEE Breast Massager device is suitable for a gentle massage of the breast. The device is placed on the breast using a hand and strokes are performed in small circular motions or from all directions from the edge of the breast to the nipple. Thanks to the six programmes with various vibration strengths, you can decide which vibration strength is best for you at that time. Regular massages using the ELANEE Breast Massager device can help to relax the breast tissue and lead to improved breastmilk flow.


The ELANEE Breast Massager Device is made from:
  • Polysiloxane (silicone without phthalates)
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Platinum complex

The device should only be cleaned with a damp cloth.
If the USB charging cable port becomes dirty, clean this also only with a damp cloth.