Our Vision

We stand for recognized problem solutions to enjoy being a woman.

Our Mission

We support women in all phases of life with well-designed, safe and affordable products.

Our values

At eye level with heart

Our principled attitude “At eye level with heart” determines the cooperation of our daily work. Whether with suppliers, in our own company or with customers: A respectful interaction with each other is the non-negotiable basis of every cooperation. We always want to be measured by this, but we also expect this from others.

  • A fair, long-term and cooperative partnership with suppliers, customers and employees is important to us.
  • Our aim is to act in a resource-saving manner. For us, this does not manifest itself in advertising measures, but above all in consistent behavior with regard to e.g. waste, waste water, packaging and transport routes.
  • As far as possible, we manufacture our products in Germany. What for various reasons cannot be manufactured in Germany, is manufactured in other European countries. If this is also not possible there, we search for suitable suppliers worldwide.
  • When selecting our materials, we pay attention to natural and renewable raw materials. If this is not possible, we select as few environmentally harmful materials as possible to ensure the functionality and practicability of the products.
  • We bear the responsibility for the safety of our products. As a manufacturer of children’s and medical products, we act responsibly. We test our products extensively as part of our quality management and use only harmless materials. We are constantly working to improve our products and take our customers’ suggestions seriously.
That drives us

Through the trustful transfer and acceptance of responsibility and the opportunity to contribute and implement our own ideas, we all try to become better every day personally and as a company.