Our vision

We stand for recognized solutions to problems in order to enjoy being a woman.

Our mission

We support women at all stages of life with thoughtful, safe and affordable products.

Our values

At eye level with heart

Our basic attitude “At eye level with heart” determines the interaction in our daily work. Whether with suppliers, in our own company or with customers: Respectful interaction with each other is the non-negotiable basis of any cooperation. We always want to be measured by this, but we also expect the same from others.

Fair, long-term cooperation in a spirit of partnership with suppliers, customers and employees is important to us. Our aim is to act in a resource-conserving manner. For us, this is not expressed in advertising measures, but above all in consistent behavior with regard to waste, waste water, packaging and transport routes, for example.
As far as possible, we manufacture our products in Germany. What cannot be produced in Germany for various reasons is manufactured in other European countries. If this is not possible there either, we look for suitable suppliers worldwide.
When selecting our materials, we pay attention to natural and renewable raw materials. If this is not possible, we select materials with as little environmental impact as possible to ensure the functionality and practicability of the products.
We bear responsibility for the safety of our products. As a manufacturer of children’s and medical products, we act responsibly. We test our products extensively as part of our quality management and only use harmless materials. We are constantly working to improve our articles and take our customers’ suggestions seriously.

ELANEE and quality

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we are constantly monitored – from development to the final product. And we think that’s a good thing! Our end-to-end quality management in accordance with EN ISO 13485 is very close to our hearts. And yet there is always room for improvement. We are constantly working on it. Because high quality at fair prices is our claim..

Fair and trusting cooperation with suppliers, customers and employees is very important to us. We select our cooperation and business partners according to clearly defined quality criteria. As far as possible, we try to act in a resource-saving way and strive for production and manufacturing in Germany. If production or manufacturing is not possible in Germany for clearly comprehensible reasons, we switch to Europe and only under certain conditions and if we meet defined strict quality criteria outside Europe.

We bear responsibility for the safety of our products. That is why we actively improve them and do not just react to standards and laws. We voluntarily have many safety-relevant product properties tested by external independent testi nstitutes. Quality is a very important aspect of our work. But wherever people work, mistakes are also made. We try to learn from our mistakes and to continuously develop ourselves. That is why we are grateful for every suggestion for improvement. Only those who have satisfied customers, suppliers and employees can be sustainably successful as a company in the long term.

What motivates us

By transferring and accepting responsibility in a spirit of trust, and by giving employees the opportunity to contribute and implement their own ideas, we all strive to become better every day, both personally and as a company.

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