Our Team

We would like to introduce you to our ELANEE team, which works daily on the problems and wishes of our customers. Get to know us better and learn more about the people behind the scenes.

Company founder and guide

Prof. Dr. Armin Herker is the founder and managing director of the company. His motto in life is “Shaping new things”. This means continuously implementing improvements in existing products and optimizing new products and concepts until everything is really “round”. The greatest praise for him is to hear from customers: “You’ve really thought this through!” He only considers products that have a comprehensible benefit, are safe and as environmentally friendly as possible, and offer a fair price/performance ratio. He also believes in the concepts of “trust and reliability” among suppliers, employees and customers.

Product-, Quality- Communication Management

Product management is the heart of the company, because this is where ideas are turned into reality. True to the motto: “There’s no such thing as can’t be done”, products are realized here from the idea to the finished product. For this purpose, all necessary certifications and tests are applied for and implemented. Packaging design, production planning and material purchasing also take place here. Each product manager is also responsible for the market launch and promotional activities of his products. The area of responsibility is completed by the supervision of quality management.


The sales team tries to read our customers’ every wish from their lips and listens to their small and large needs on a daily basis. Together with our independent sales representatives, they put together an individual offer for each customer from the extensive product range.


Even the best products cannot solve our customers’ problems if they are not available in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place. For this reason, many “busy bees” work on replenishment every day. Especially in the cold winter months, it is necessary to ensure that we have enough stock of our heating products. For this purpose, production is already started in the summer months. Especially the production in the workshops for people with disabilities is close to our heart and forms an essential part of our production.

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