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Pregnancy is an exciting and wonderful time for an expectant mother. At the same time a lot changes in the female body during the nine months. The belly becomes rounder and rounder and the load to be carried becomes bigger and bigger. The consequences are often back pain in the lower back or pelvic girdle pain. Around 65% of pregnant women experience these symptoms, which have a negative impact both on daily activities and on the general quality of life.

But that does not have to be the case! With our support belt we have the perfect support in our range. It relieves back or pelvic girdle pain by relieving the back and pelvic floor muscles. The best thing about it: The support belt can be prescribed by a gynaecologist on prescription and is even free of charge for pregnant women. So you can enjoy your pregnancy to the full again and look forward to your baby!

Breastfeeding is not only a wonderful, close-knit experience between mother and child, it also means love, cuddling and tenderness and has many advantages. During the first months of life, breast milk is the best food for your baby – whether fresh from the breast or pumped, frozen and later warmed to body temperature. Our breast milk bags help you to package your milk safely.

If you have problems getting started, a midwife or lactation consultant is essential in most cases. However, there are some useful helpers for the breastfeeding period that make the start easier and provide quick help with certain problems.

Problem-solving concept breastfeeding

Various factors play a role in the selection of the appropriate breastfeeding accessories. In addition to the health aspect, a number of other characteristics are also decisive. Depending on your needs, we offer a wide range of problem solvers during the breastfeeding period:

Our nipple ointment cares for affected skin areas and prevents dry, cracked nipples. Our nipple ointment can also be applied preventively from the third trimester of pregnancy onwards. Our ointment is also suitable as a lip balm or to care for a sore baby’s bottom.

The ultra-thin disposable nursing pads are extremely thin at less than 1.4 mm and fit like a second skin thanks to their discreet fit. They can hold up to 100 ml per nursing pad and retain their shape and structure even when milk flow is strong.

If your nipples are not under strain and milk flow is normal to strong, our washable underwear protection nursing pads are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable products. They are particularly thin, yet highly absorbent and washable nursing pads. The extremely absorbent material does not wear out unnecessarily and feels pleasantly soft to the touch.

Irritated, painful, sore or even inflamed nipples – almost every breastfeeding woman is confronted with them, especially in the first weeks of breastfeeding. Sore nipples have many causes, but they are often caused by incorrect or too frequent application. We have briefly summarised the most common causes of stressed nipples and ways to avoid them, “stressed nipples – causes and useful aids”.

Incorrect positioning and removal of the baby can also cause minor skin injuries, leading to bacterial colonisation and infection. In addition to nipple care, it is particularly important to use the appropriate nursing pads to keep the breast dry and to prevent a warm and humid climate that favours the growth of bacteria. Good air circulation and relief for the nipples also help with regeneration.

Heavily stressed nipples can regenerate particularly well directly in the air. The silk and the special knitting technique of our silk-wool nursing pads 2-ply ensure a good supply of air during light to normal milk flow and transport fluid away from the body.
The silver nursing pads have a cooling effect and allow air to circulate. They are soft and do not rub the sensitive skin. So stressed nipples can recover quickly. Due to its antibacterial activity, the biocidal active ingredient silver (CAS No. 7440-22-4) used in the nursing pads reduces the colonisation and proliferation of microorganisms in the nursing pad and prevents the development of odours.

ELANEE breast gel pads for breastfeeding women are made of water, glycol and polymer and are 70 x 70 mm. The pads are placed on the nipples with the gel side and, thanks to the thin layer, fit perfectly to the breast. Sore nipples are thus covered and protected from external influences. The gel breast pads do not stick to the skin and feel pleasant and cool on the skin. They are packed in pairs in an aluminum pouch and can be used for up to 24 hours.

If touching or any textile contact with the nipples is not only unpleasant but also acutely painful, our breast rings offer optimal protection. In addition to the medical-therapeutic instructions, our breast rings are a supplement to support the sore nipples by hollow support and even pressure equalisation during the healing process. Like our support belt, the breast rings can also be prescribed by a gynaecologist on prescription.

Strained nipples not only affect the mother but also make breastfeeding more difficult. If the breast is not emptied sufficiently, the milk ducts can become blocked and milk congestion can develop. Our breast massage device can help here. It provides a soothing massage and promotes blood circulation in the breast tissue. As a result, the breast tissue can be better nourished, the milk flow stimulated and hardenings loosened.

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